We’re excited to share a brand new trailer remix with in collaboration with Bruno Major and AWAL.

Bruno Major – The Show Must Go On (SYNC Remix)

“”The Show Must Go On” is a commentary on my own mental health. I’ve always felt that I’ve got an internal version of myself and an external version of myself. The external version is the one I show to the people. Where I’m at a party, where I’m trying to be funny, charismatic…But sometimes the real version of me is feeling insular, or melancholy or insecure and I still project the other version of myself. “The Show Must Go On” is that feeling magnified and brought sharply into focus as a musician.” – Bruno Major

Keywords: dark, dichotomy, melancholy, chromatic, twisted, hopeful, grand, theatrical, sweeping, 70s guitar solo

Stems and customization are available upon request.